My art is not just a picture of the desert, my work is a representation of the desert. It is a reflection of an experience, a meld of past and present experiences. I seek to transcend what can be physically seen, and convey my emotional response to Utah’s unique landscape, a landscape that is at the heart of my work.
In my exploration of Utah’s untamed wilderness, I see the cycle of life and death starkly exposed. The unapologetic exposure of life’s natural processes is part of what makes the adventure of exploring the desert so profound. I find solace in surrendering myself to the land, through acceptance of the natural truths I observe there. I do not fool myself into thinking I can conquer the wilderness. I am a willing subject to it. I believe we are all subjects to it. I want my art to reveal the beauty of this land I have come to know so well, to help people realize they are a part of this ecosystem and that they will benefit from nurturing it.

Bird of Prey